What We Have To Offer!

Here you’ll find a breakdown of all our packages and what we have to offer! *price may vary subject to travel and access at facilities.

Bronze valet


Our entry level package that will give you the attention to detail for lightly soiled cars and perfect for keeping on top of your beloved car!

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Bronze + valet


Our stepping stone between our bronze and silver packages. This will give you a bit of an extra clean feel than your bronze valet suitable for more medium soiled vehicles however won't give you the protection, preservation and extreme thoroughness aspect of the silver valet. 

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Silver Valet


Bought a new car, bought a used car or just think you need a fresh start with a bit of protection to keep it fresher for longer, this is the one for you.

This will protect paintwork, leathers, deep clean carpets or seats this package does it all!

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Gold detail


You've fallen victim to drive through car washes-you see them scratches in your paint in the sunlight and your paint looking duller than ever? Look no further this package will remove 70-90% of them scratches and defects leaving a mirror like finish and have it looking almost better than new! This is all locked in with a 2 year ceramic (which can be upgraded to a 7 year coating upon enquiry)

As for the interior that will be completely revitalised and given a new lease of life as well so once all is finished you have a near to new car as possible, which not only increases your status among your friends but the value of your car as well! 

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Exterior Paint Correction

Do you find when you look at your car no matter how clean it is it still looks a little dull and tired this package will change that your car will look better than the day you bought it with 70-90% of imperfections removed and a a ceramic coating to top this and give it that wet look to stand out from the crowd!


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Interior detail

You spend 5 years of your life behind the wheel of your car, so imagine all the bacteria sweat and dirt that you transfer into your car over the years. Let us take care of that cleaning the seats the carpets steaming it head to toe leaving a crisp fresh finish.


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Added extras

Use of my purified water or generator - £7.50 per facility

If you don’t have access to water or electric that’s not a problem, we have both and can work absolutely anywhere that my van will take me!

Pet hair removal - £20-40

This will leave your car pet hair free (or as near to as possible), simple as that.

this may not be necessary if the pet hair is kept on top of and doesn't take up too much time.

If pet hair is in an extreme case it may be more and may be compulsory, if dogs are allowed in a vehicle it's suggested you let us know so we can asses if this may be applicable. 

we don't want to make you unhappy and we want a pleasant experience for everyone!

2 year Ceramic coating - £100

Ceramic coatings are an added layer of protection against the elements and helps preserve your paint while keeping that deep gloss. Applicable add on to all packages

7 year ceramic (recommended with a polish) From £150

This entails unreal gloss and beading which keeps your car cleaner for longer, along with ultra durable UV and chemical resistance. Maintaining your vehicle after this will be a very simple task.

We suggested if you have a heavily used vehicle, taken down country lanes often (due to its 10H durability it's resistant to scratches), a valuable/ rare car or even if you love your car and think it deserves some love. This will give the upmost protection possible without PPF or wrapping a car which can cost in the thousands!

Also comes with a warranty, what other detailer can do that for you?

Ozone Treatment - £40

15 minute cycle that will cleanse the air of your car and will remove rotten odours and kill any bacteria hiding in the cracks or in the air, just fully sterilises your space. Perfect for when you are having a child or a vulnerable passenger. It will have a slight chlorine scent for a day but after your car will be scentless and fresh!