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Do you find your self looking at your car and finding holograms and scratches all over your car and the paint is begining to look a little dull...

Or you want to look after your car and protect it against nasty chemicals like bird excrement or the salt on the road...

Or even if you think you want a new car...

We can make a huge difference to it's appreance by removing 70-90% of imperfections in the paint and leaving a mirror like finish topped with a strong ceramic coating that bonds to your paint and lasts 2 years. Coupled with our deep interior detail leaving the car as near to new. If not better than!

If your feeling a little extra, you can upgrade to our 7 year ceramic which is as hard as diamonds molecular compound, in other words it's pretty strong.


  • Two stage pre wash
  • Three bucket wash method to ensure no swirls or scratches will be inflicted
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Wheel faces and barrels cleaned
  • Ultra plush drying towels to soak up water to dry the car
  • All handles and extras blown out of water
  • Door jams wiped out and dried
  • Tyre dressing applied
  • Liquid decontamination removing tar and iron particles from the paint preventing rusting and corrosion
  • Mechanical decontamination with a clay car to remove deep embedded contaminants, leaving smooth paint ready for our next step
  • Our infamous 1 stage machine polish  which leaves sublime results and the deepest gloss you can get with a 1 stage correction.
  • IPA wipe to remove oily residues left from the polish
  • Then sealed in with a 2 year ceramic coating which promotes self cleaning, chemical resistance, marring resistant, water spot resistant and much more 


  • All carpets vacuumed and extracted leaving near new matts again
  • Seats 
             - If leather it will be cleaned and conditioned  
             - If fabric this will be extracted to remove                stains, embedded sweat and  general dirt
  • All surfaces steam cleaned
  • Steering wheel deep cleaned
  • Dust completely/ nearly completely removed
  • Seatbelts steamed
  • Glass cleaned

Small car (3 door) £350-400

Small car (5 door) £400-450

Medium car (5 door 5 seats) £450-550

Large vehicle (5door 7 seater) £500-700

Vans and Trucks- POA

(due to the nature of the vehicle usage) 

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