Bronze +

This is the step between the bronze and the silver, you recieve a few extra bonuses than the bronze valet: 


  • Two Stage pre-wash
  • Wheel Arches Cleaned
  • Wheel Faces and Barrels Cleaned
  • Three bucket wash method to ensure no swirls or scratches will be inflicted
  • Ultra plush drying towels to soak up water to dry the car
  • All handles and extras blown out of water
  • Door jams wiped out and dried
  • Tyre dressing applied
  •  A liquid decontamination, where iron particles are removed and tar to leave a crisper finish to your paint work


  • All carpets vacuumed and steamed to remove medium soiling
  • Seats vacuumed and steamed to surface clean the seats
  • All surfaces steamed and wiped down Glass cleaned


Small (3 door) - £80

Small (5 door) - £100

Medium (5 door with 5 seats) - £120

large (5door with 7 seats) - £140

Vans - £70

Pick up trucks - £90